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Last year a bunch of fans of Daron's Guitar Chronicles "cast" various actors, musicians, and models to play the various characters in the books. All the suggestions were awesome (you can see all the casting suggestions with photos at http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/tag/casting-call).

Here are some more images of the faves:

Warm brown eyes
Dark brown hair, sometimes with red streaks or extensions in it, straight and long below the shoulder

Daron likes to think of himself as a "regular guy" -- except he's gay and a genius guitar player. His usual mode of dress is a red flannel shirt over a T-shirt and jeans. When he gets 'dressed up' he wears a leather jacket instead of a denim one. He's generally easygoing. He's of mixed European ancestry but his dad swears there's an American Indian ancestor in there to explain why he and Daron have sparse facial hair. He smiles more than these pictures of Daniel Tighe would lead you to believe and he's got brown eyes, but these capture a good rendition of his body type before he started working out and his hair length once he let it grow long. Sometimes he can be convinced to put some fire-engine red streaks in his hair. 

Daniel Tighe in flannel

Daniel Tighe hair in face

Daniel Tighe bare chested

Dark brown-black eyes, always with eyeliner 
Hair style changes often, but usually dyed black with a bleached blonde or blue streak in the front
Often wears an oversize white shirt off the shoulder over a tank top

Tattoo on the back of his neck, at the base of Ziggy's neck (just the note and the lines, not the words at the left): 
Ziggy's tattoo

Ziggy is a flamboyant lead singer and performer who is known for rarely being seen without his eyeliner on, and for changing his hairstyle (and color) frequently. It's often black with a streak of blonde or blue and spiked upward, though, so it was amusing to find these of Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of Tokio Hotel, looking very very Ziggy-like! Just add a blond streak to the top two and it pretty well nails his 1989 look. Electric blue streaks are also possible. 

Bill Kaulitz so Ziggy-like

Bill Kaulitz in his heavy eyeliner phase

Bill Kaulitz spiked hair

Bill Kaulitz singing
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This weekend is the Outwrite queer lit fest in Washington, DC, and I’m honored to be this year’s keynote. Instead of doing a dull speech about how ancient and wise I am (hah) I’m doing a pile of events and panels:

FRIDAY NIGHT I’ll be one of the lineup of storytellers at Smut Slam Cabaret, where I’ll tell a brief adventure of how being an erotica writer almost sent me to the emergency room. Don’t try this at home, kids. No wait, home is exactly where you should try these things…

Free and open to the public!

I’ll be exhibiting and selling books from 10am to 1pm and then sporadically between my many shindigs:

Panel on queer publishing. With me will be Lisa Moore (Redbone Press), Steve Berman (Lethe Press), Lori Perkins (Riverdale Ave Books), and moderated by S. Andrea Allen (BLF Press).

I’ll tell you a tale of how the past 25 years of publishing adventure has gone, and to keep it interesting we’ll make it a bingo game! That way you can win books. Come have fun with me.

I’ll be reading with three other authors, Christian Baines, Dena Hankins, and Michael M. Jones.

With me will be some of the writers and editors on the front lines of the intersection of sex writing and politics, Sunny Moraine, Michael M. Jones, and Lori Perkins.

All events except the Smut Slam are at The DC Center For the LGBTQ Community, 2000 14th Street NW, Suite 105, Washington, DC 20009.

If you’re on Facebook you can see the complete lineup of events here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/outwritedc/events/

If you’re avoiding Facebook for political reasons, unfortunately I can’t find the full schedule of events anywhere, and given that many LGBTQ folks have very good reasons to avoid Facebook it’s a bit disappointing that the event’s main website doesn’t seem to have a schedule up (but maybe I’m just not looking in the right place): http://thedccenter.org/outwrite/

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Ars Technica published an article by me on Pride Day (yesterday, traditionally the last Sunday in June) entitled “Coming Out as a Slytherin.”

In the article I detail how there have been a series of “closets” whose doors I have had to kick down, from coming out as bisexual in the 1980s, to coming out as a pro who also wrote fanfic in the 2000s, to, eventually, realizing I had to come out as Slytherin, too.

In the article I talk about the pervasiveness of the anti-Slytherin bias in the books, which carries right through from Harry’s first hearing of the word through the epilogue:

“One of the magics of the Potter books for me was that as I read them, I was transported back to feeling like a kid again. … My journey as a fan… started from a childlike devouring of the books where I took Harry’s journey at face value. Harry hated Snape and Draco? I hated Snape and Draco. Harry thought all Slytherins are bad? I thought all Slytherins are bad. It’s a book for kids, right? A simplistic worldview is appropriate and comforting.”

“But the moment I leapt into fandom headlong was also when book six, Half-Blood Prince, came out. In that book, Harry keeps on thinking that Snape and Draco are villains. It’s also a book where many adult readers started realizing that Snape and Draco are victims. I went back and re-read the entire series through Snape and Draco’s eyes and what I saw was very different.”

“I guess you could say it was the Potter fandom equivalent of being woke.

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Hello all! Thought I'd post something here specifically for Dreamwidth. I talked with a lot of old LJ folks at MISTI and I guess the consensus is abandon ship. Some of us stuck it out through various previous exoduses and Strikethrough, Boldthrough, and so on, which is why I set up this mirror to my LJ so many years ago.

My goal is to repost everything here that is only on LJ. There is some stuff I am not sure I want to have on AO3 right now given my current profile as a pro writer, specifically the non-con/dub-con and Malfoycest. But I also don't want it to disappear from the Internet forever if LJ starts deleting it. The fabulous ladies of the Snarry Suite at MISTI-Con pretty much hammered on me not to let anything disappear. :-) (Thanks [personal profile] dementordelta, [personal profile] lilyseyes, and [personal profile] alisanne!)

I did an import of all the same friends names from LJ to here a few years back but anyone more recent I'll still have to go an find. If you find me here, friend and I'll friend back!
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I’m so excited that a project I’ve been working on for almost a year is having its debut next week!
Geek Actually is a fiction serial I’ve co-written with Cathy Yardley, Melissa Blue, and Rachel Stuhler for Serial Box Publishing. The official tagline is:

Sex and the City for the modern geek girl. Follows the lives of five diverse, geeky women as they navigate work, love, life, and the internet.

It’ll be in text and in audio formats! The first episode (titled WTF) premieres June 7, 2017, with a new installment every Wednesday until the season finale on August 30. Episodes can be purchased individually at any time for $1.99, but Season Passes at Serial Box allow readers to pay for an entire serial upfront at a discount – $19.99 includes all 13 episodes in both text and audio (about $1.53 per episode).

You can read it via the Serial Box app on iOS or Android or subscribe through their website here. Or the individual episodes can be pre-ordered/purchased from:

Serial BoxAmazonBarnes & NobleApple iTunes • and other usual places ebooks and audiobooks are sold!


Before publication there’s a sneak peek of vignettes of the main characters here: http://bit.ly/get-GEEK-early

Smart Bitches Trashy Books published a preview excerpt: http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/2017/04/geek-actually-cover-debut-excerpt/

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Thanks everyone who attended the panel at RT Booklovers in Atlanta on BDSM: What’s Next for BDSM Romance?

If you need the handout, you can grab the PDF from here: RT BDSM HANDOUT. It includes some specific sales numbers from the authors on the panel demonstrating the rise and fall of sales numbers.

I opened the panel by saying when we first started planning the panel it seemed like if we were all seeing sales drops like that, it was legitimate to ask whether the post-50-Shades “BDSM boom” was over. However, since compiling our numbers, I’ve been talking to many authors in other subgenres of romance and erotica, and to publishers as well, all of whom have seen very similar curves in rise/fall even when no BDSM is involved. So, it’s not just us.

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Did you all see that the winners of the NLA Writing Awards were released? These annual awards celebrate the best in BDSM-positive writing and publishing, in both fiction and nonfiction categories. As a member of the awards committee I’ve been involved with these awards for several years and this year had a bumper crop of books!

To quote from the press release that came from NLA: International:

National Leather Association: International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather community, announced the winners for excellence in literary works in SM/leather/fetish writing published in 2016. The judges received a great number of nominations this year and judging in most categories was quite difficult with such exemplary pieces of writing.

Winner of the Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Book Award is Peter Tupper and David Stein (ed.) for Our Lives, Our History (Perfectbound Press). Honorable mention in this category goes to David Wade for “Vanilla Breaks” (Xcite Books), Richard Levine for “Jolted Awake” (Alfred Press in cooperation with Lulu Enterprises, Inc.) and to Slavemaster and slave 7 “Beyond Obedience” (Createspace).

In the John Preston Short Fiction category, the winner is D.L. King for “Cupcakes and Steel” from the anthology For The Men and The Women Who Love Them (ed.) Rose Caraway (Stupid Fish Productions). Honorable mention for short story goes to Caraway Carter for “7 With 1 Blow” (Beaten Track Publishing) and Ferrett Steinmetz for “Rooms Formed Of Neurons and Sex” which appears in Uncanny Magazine.

The winner of the Pauline Reage Novel category winner is Angela Hamm for The Gambler’s Lady (Blushing Books). Honorable mention in this category goes to Amelia C. Gromley for Risk Aware (Riptide Publishing), Scott Alexander Hess for Skyscraper (Unzipped Books, an imprint of Lethe Press) and Jade A. Waters for The Assignment (Carina Press)

The winner of the Cynthia Slater Non-fiction Article Award is Erica Mena for “(K)ink #5 – Writing While Deviant” which appeared on January 26, 2016 on TheRumpus.net. Honorable Mention in this category goes to Jack Fritscher for “He Was A Sexual Outlaw: My Love Affair With Robert Mapplethorpe” which appeared March 9, 2016 in The Guardian.

There is no winner of the Samois Anthology Award as there were no submissions this year.

Congratulations to all the winners! Writers, publishers, the NLA starts taking nominations for judging in September and the deadline is typically December 31st annually for books published in the calendar year. Contact awards@nla-international.com for more details.

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Look what is now up for pre-order on Amazon! German editions of the Secrets of a Rock Star series! Well, the first two books at least. The third one is still in production. They are being published by the publishing house Bastei Lubbei and are available all the usual ebook selling places.

I don’t read German so can’t vouch for the accuracy of the descriptions…Google translate makes them a bit hilarious. But if you enjoy reading in German, these are my latest BDSM-themed romance novels, with rock stars, heiresses, and a secret Hollywood club.

Book One: Dunkle Symphonie: Amazon | Google Books | B&N Nookstore | Bastei publisher website

Book Two: Fesselnde Harmonie Amazon | Google Books | B&N Nookstore | Bastei publisher website

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hard-rhythm-cover-200x300Yes! It’s finally here! The third book in the Secrets of a Rock Star series went live on Amazon at midnight and by now you should be able to buy it from every other bookselling place, as well, including:

IndieBound (local independent bookstores) | Amazon | Publisher website | Walmart (!) | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo

If you’d like to read a hot relatively spoiler-free excerpt, RT Magazine posted a Hump Day hotness one a few weeks ago: Hump Day Excerpt of Cecilia Tan’s HARD RHYTHM

Reviews coming in!

“As always, Cecilia is at the top of her game, giving hot, steamy sex together with characters you care about. Relationships you want to succeed, packed full of naughtiness. I’ve said it before, and I continue to stand by it, Cecilia Tan is one of the greatest writers of smut out there. Few others can combine the tenderness of a budding romantic relationship together with the endorphin packed beginning of D/S relationship the way she has with the Secrets of a Rock Star series.” — Robin just posted that to her BookLikes blog!

“Madison and Chino are a bit older [both 29] than the previous characters and their internal dialogues as well as their actions show more maturity.” and “The Hamilton sisters and [Madison] address a threat to their club in smart and calculated ways emphasizing that even if each woman in this series feels best on her knees before a hot man, she is still a powerful force to be reckoned with.” — From BDSM author and educator TammyJo Eckhart on Goodreads

If you missed it before, Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review, too!

“If you, like me, adore cocky heroes with soft centers, then Chino’s the one for you,” says Stacey Voigt’s Bedtime Stories! “Cecilia Tan handles the sizzling hot sex scenes with an expert touch, keeping the action going while still addressing the realities that take place alongside intimacy, particularly kinky intimacy.”

(Loved this comment from a reader on FB today!)


Throughout the day today various excerpts will be appearing, shared online by various folks. I’ll add links here as they go live or you can see them in my Twitter feed (@ceciliatan) and Facebook page!

Excerpt 1. On Cailin Briste’s blog
Excertp 2. On Tara Sue Me’s Facebook page

Official description:

Are they ready to go all the way?

Maddie Rofel has seen it all. Even the kinkiest games she witnesses working as a hostess in L.A.’s most exclusive private sex club fail to shock her, much less turn her on. Until the night she has a very personal encounter with drummer Chino Garcia, and the two discover an intimate connection neither can deny. Suddenly the jaded hostess is softening under Chino’s touch, and submitting in ways she never expected . . .

All his life, Chino has been running from something. Normally he beats back his demons by losing himself in his music. Now he’s losing himself in Maddie. And, while it drives Chino wild when Maddie bares her body to him, what he really wants is for Maddie to bare her soul. For that, Chino will have to push Maddie past her furthest limits-and share his own dark secrets.


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hard-rhythm-cover-200x300Hard Rhythm hits the shelves next month (January) and the ebook goes live on Jan 31st so we’re starting to see reviews and notices come in! I’m super excited about the reception it’s getting so far!

Starred Review in Publishers Weekly!

I’m very psyched to say this means all three of the books in the Secrets of a Rock Star series have earned the coveted star from PW. The whole review is great but the first sentence rocks my world, “Tan skillfully makes her third Secrets of a Rock Star novel (after Wild Licks) do double duty, first as a wildly creative, enthusiastic, immersive, and incredibly hot romance between experienced kinksters, and second as a public service announcement that clearly illustrates the difference between BSDM and domestic abuse.”

RT Book Reviews

RT, meanwhile, gave it three stars: “This is the third book in a trilogy on rock stars but the author keeps the focus on the person and not the profession. When [Chino] finally makes his move, they quickly move from casual acquaintances to a deep and fulfilling D/s relationship.”


And some readers who have gotten advanced reading copies (both through my newsletter — which you can sign up for — and through NetGalley) have begun to review the book on Goodreads. In particular I was very happy to see TammyJo Eckhart, a longtime BDSM presenter, educator, and writer herself, thought it was the best of the three books, and says “The emotional complexity of all of the relationships and situations in this novel feel real, feel engaging.” Also, “Even if each woman in this series feels best on her knees before a hot man, she is still a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

If you can spare a tweet (or reblog or FB share), to help spread the word about the book, please join my Thunderclap! It only takes a couple of clicks and will only share a one-time message when the book goes live. Click here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/51269-spread-the-beat-of-hard-rhythm

Pre-order the book now, everywhere: IndieBound (local independent bookstores) | Amazon | Publisher website | Walmart (!) | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo


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I’m teaching a workshop tonight at the Artisan’s Asylum, the awesome makerspace in Somerville, and thought I’d share this handout list here since then all the links can be live.

This is a list of all the free or open source bits of software and other things that I’ve used in my publishing ventures. I’ve also used a lot of expensive things like Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, and so on. But not everyone has the money or the access to the high-priced programs, so part of my workshop is basically how you can do it all using free or very inexpensive options.

Book-making Software & Free Stuff You Will Need

Download a printable one-page version here: PDF

You might also be interested in my other posts:

  • Type and Design for Small- & Self-Publishers
    1. Farming Out to Professionals
    2. Elements of Book Design
    3. Page Layouts
    4. Widows, orphans, and hyphenation
    5. “Smart” quotes, section breaks, and fleurs
    6. Ebook design versus print design
  • The Publishing Nitty Gritty: All the Hoops to Jump through to Self-publish (slightly out of date but mostly still relevant)
  • secrets_of_a_rock-star_ad_card

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    I thought I would pass along the latest call for nominations for books, articles, and stories published in calendar year 2016! NLA: International is a pansexual leather/SM/fetish community organization with chapters in many cities.

    Nominations may be sent to the contact email at awards@nla-international.com

    (Columbus, OH) — NLA-International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual leather community, is now accepting nominations for its annual writing awards for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing for books, articles, novels and short fiction, which were first published between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016. The deadline for nominations is 31 January 2017. The finalists will be announced in March 2017. The winners will be announced at the National Leather Association’s Annual General Meeting. The five award categories are:

    Non-Fiction Book (Geoff Mains Award)
    Non-Fiction Article (Cynthia Slater Award)
    Novel (Pauline Reage Award)
    Short Fiction (John Preston Award)
    Anthology (Samois Award)

    Eligibility for all awards (short fiction, novel, non-fiction book, non-fiction article and anthology) requires first time publication of writing in the 2016 calendar year.

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    Wow! I’ve been blown away by how universally awesome the reviews have been pouring in for WILD LICKS! Apparently folks out there love dark, angsty Mal Keanneally and deeply kinky Gwen Hamilton as much as I do. Some excerpts:

    “This one is great for those of you looking for plenty of smoking hot consensual BDSM sex.”
    Bustle “Ten Romance Novels for Steamy Afternoons”

    “Emotional angst, drama, and a seemingly impossible romance are just the tip of the iceberg for a couple whose dark erotic desires can either bring them together in the ultimate salvation or drive them apart forever.”
    Heroes & Heartbreakers “Erotic Romance Best Bets, July 2016”

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    It’s here! It’s live! Get it now from all your favorite places!

    wild_licks_pb_cover_200x300WILD LICKS
    Paperback: $12.99 ISBN: 9781455533640
    Ebook: $5.99 ISBN: 9781455533657

    Indie Bookstores | Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Hachette

    In this book the dark, broody guitar player we met in Taking the Lead gets together with sunny heiress Gwen Hamilton and discovers she has a dark side, too. But can Gwen bring out the light trapped in Mal’s heart?

    Gwen wants to succeed at acting without using her family name: she wants to be judged on her own terms. But when an exercise in Method Acting leads her accidentally into the arms of Mal Kenneally, the rock star with a reputation for unusual sexual appetites, Gwen thinks maybe she’s found the ultimate test of her acting abilities. Or maybe she’s finally met the man who can see, and appreciate, the real Gwen…

    Mal Kenneally has done his best to leave his aristocratic British family behind. The Rough, the rock band he started with his childhood friend Axel, is his family now. But will he be forced to choose between the brotherhood of the band and his growing obsession with Gwen Hamilton?

    Mal and Gwen push each other’s limits, each convinced that one day they’ll go too far. But the farther they go, the more they discover that two can delve far deeper than one.

    I’ll post an excerpt later! Just had to get this live before the day slips away!

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    I went to the massive Romance Writers of America national conference this past week and one of the best things about this conference is that so many of the top writers in the genre are here. RWA and the romance community at large is extremely open. It’s the only place I know of where you can take workshops presented by writers who have literally sold in the tens of millions of books where they tell you how you can do it, too.

    One event I did not want to miss was the Paranormal Authors Chat with Heather Graham, Nalini Singh, and Rebecca Zanetti. Since I have a paranormal/urban fantasy series starting with Tor Books in 2017 (The Vanished Chronicles), I definitely wanted to soak up whatever wisdom I could. These women are three giants of the field, plus Heather Graham was so unbelievably nice to me when I was a young struggling writer years and years ago that I still remember it vividly.

    (The story: We were at a group signing together at a bookstore, I was feeling like an unknown, unwanted piece of chopped liver, while she had a line out of the door. I was at the seat next to her. She could have ignored me and instead she made me feel welcome and included. I love her forever, and this same spirit of inclusion and helping others pervades the whole RWA so far as I can tell.)

    You can look up each of these writers’ bona fides but if you are new to them, they are all New York Times bestsellers many times over. Nalini Singh is the author of the Psy-Changeling and the Guild Hunter series among many dozens of other books. Rebecca Zanetti has published over 25 dark paranormals and has been a finalist for the RT Award. Heather Graham has written close to 200 vampire and paranormal novels at this point and was a founder of Florida’s chapter o the RWA. Giants, I tell you.

    What I’m presenting here is a boiled-down version of the chat that took place. It looks like a transcript but I only capture about 60-70% of what is actually said, and I don’t always get exactly the right words, so don’t take this as quotable gospel. Also I only include here the portion with moderator questions. The audience questions were also fantastic and I learned a lot, but you know, if you want ALL of it, you have to start coming to these conventions yourself… (or buy the audio recordings of the convention, which are available through the RWA!).

    Why did you chose paranormal?

    Nalini: I write about telapths and shapefhuters and vampires and angels…why? I started with that because I’ve always been fascinated with the potential of our minds, if we could use 100% of our brains 100% of the time. But what’s the cost of that? What it drove you insane? That was the genesis of the Psy series. The shapeshifters just kind of showed up in the book, as they do because it’s a paranornmal. I wanted to write some shifter that were at home in their skins because I had just read a bunch of books wher the shifters are never happy! I thought I would love to be able to change into a tiger. Why aren’t there any shifters in books who like being shifters? So mine are. The Guild Hunter series… there are angels and vampires and… I just believe in not thinking too much about it. If you think too much about it you think, wow that’s weird… I really believe just let it out and it might be bonkers but let it be awesome bonkers.

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    And… it’s live! That’s right, the latest volume in my gay coming of age series, Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, is live in all ebook stores! It’s 99 cents for TODAY ONLY and then the price will be jumping to full price. So now’s your chance to grab it cheap!

    Amazon Kindle | Kobo | Barnes & Noble Nook | Apple iBooks | Smashwords | or direct from Daron’s Guitar Chronicles home website

    dgc_ebook_9_cover_final_400The year is 1991 and Daron Marks stands at a crucial crossroads in his career. He’s on tour with Nomad and his mentor Remo Cutler, but Ziggy wants him…as musical director, and more. Ziggy always wants more…
    Collects chapters 637 through 708 of the web serial.

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    I’ve been exchanging messages with a lot of fans of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles this week. Two different gun incidents happened in Orlando the same weekend, not only the Pulse shooting at a gay nightclub but also singer Christina Grimmie was shot while autographing after a show. Anyone who has read DGC knows that rock star life and coming out as gay and finding safe space to be one’s true self are the major themes that run through the series. So this hit really close to home for a lot of readers, as it did for me, too.

    I’m deeply shaken by what happened. As I wrote in my author newsletter earlier this week: as a queer woman of color who spent a lot of time in gay bars in my 20s and just as a human being, I’m still struggling to absorb what happened.

    Many of you have probably seen me wearing a T-shirt that says “Music Is My Salvation” on it. I probably wear it to almost every convention! It was a souvenir from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and I’ve worn it so much it’s almost worn through. It’s not an ironic statement for me.

    Music is what brings people together in spaces like Pulse, to dance and find community, and to live shows and concerts, to find that ecstatic space of belonging that I think many people find in churches and other spaces of organized religion. Dance clubs and concert halls ARE my church. I worshipped this week at the altar of The Cure, a band that was all-absorbing to me when I was defining my art and my sexuality and my identity as a goth in my late teens and early 20s.

    I last saw them in concert in 1989, more than half my life ago, but I saw them this week at the Agganis Arena in Boston. The show was amazing, transcendent, wonderful, and I couldn’t help but think that after David Bowie and Prince have both been taken from us this year, Robert Smith is the one left carrying the torch of “it’s okay to be weird.” That’s my religion, that’s what I preach: “It’s okay to be weird.”

    That’s why so many of my protagonists are rock musicians and artists and nonconformists who can’t quite fit into a 9-to-5 world. Everyone has a right to be queer, in whatever way you are queer, whether in sexuality or in being not-like everyone else. You might be the same in some ways and different in others.

    I learned in Bible camp (yes, I went to Bible camp) that our goal shouldn’t just be to go to heaven when we die, it should be to create heaven on Earth. My heaven would be one where everyone could be themselves freely without fear of being killed.

    In particular it hurts that we are attacked for who we love or how we love. People sometimes ask me if I could be doing something “better” with my life. Right now I think writing stories about love and spreading a message that love is important and all kinds of love are valid is about the most important thing I can do.

    But a lot of us are feeling helpless, powerless, angry, and empty since the attack. I know because you’ve been writing and texting and messaging me saying so. So I thought maybe I would propose a bit of collective action on the part of DGC fans and my readers at large: a donation drive.

    Here’s how it’s going to work. You make an online donation to one of these three tax-deductible charities:

    Equality Florida is a 501(c)(4) non-profit LGBT advocacy organization and this link goes to their specific fund for the victims, survivors, & families of those in the Pulse shooting. They’re trying to raise $7 million to pay for funerals, counseling, and much more. They’re at close to $6 million right now.

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence was begun by Sarah Brady after her husband Jim, President Ronald Reagan’s press secretary, was shot during an assassination attempt on Reagan. Jim was paralyzed for life. It took three more presidencies before the “Brady Bill” to limit handgun sales was passed and the Brady Campaign to this day still works to change gun laws in the United States. Their current fundraising campaign, simply called “#ENOUGH” is taking donations at this link. They are a 501(c)(3).

    Rock the Vote is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan non-profit whose goal is simple: get more young people to vote. They provide information on how to register to vote, run voter reg drives, and other great programs to increase voter participation because they know that the more people vote the stronger our democracy is and the better it reflects the actual country. You can give at this link.

    After you make your donation of any amount, even just $5, email a copy of your receipt/confirmation (either a screencap or a PDF or your paypal confirmation) to daron.moondog @ gmail along with your mailing address, and I’ll email you back the bonus Daron’s Guitar Chronicles story I’m about to write. (Haven’t written it yet, but I will! All I know right now is it’s going to be from Ziggy’s point of view.) If your donation is $25 or more I’ll also send you some additional DGC stickers/tattoos (send me your mailing address). If your donation is $50 or more I’ll send you one of the remaining DGC red notebooks that I will have extra after the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled. While Supplies Last of course!

    Please help me do something good in this world and I think we’ll all feel less helpless. You are all heroes in your own lives already when you fight for inclusion, equality, and tolerance among your family, friends, and social circles. Please join me if you’re financially able in this step toward bettering the larger world, too.

    This campaign will run through July and in the first week of August I’ll report the total amount raised, sound good? Thank you.


    dgc all 8 ebooks banner 600px

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    ravenna_c_tan: (slytherclaw)

    That’s right, I’ll be at the 50th Balticon this coming weekend doing the following:

    6:15pm-7:15pm Autographing
    10pm-10:50pm Panel: Trends in Erotic Short Fiction, with Nobilis!
    11pm-11:52pm Erotica Reading: with KM Sparza & Stephanie Burke

    11am-12:20pm Workshop: Web Serial Toolbox
    11pm-12:20am Panel: Hot Hot Hot or Not?

    11am-11:50 Panel: Writing Series: Good Idea? W/RA McAvoy, Michael Swanwick, and Allen Steele
    8pm Panel: How To Keep Your Series On Track! W/Carl Cipra, William Galaini, Scott Andrews, James Minz
    10:30pm – 12:20am Circlet Press Variety Show

    Full details below the cut!

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Well, folks, I’ve been poking around at this cover long enough that I really can’t tell which one is the best. I’ve already put the book up for pre-order on Amazon and other retailers (B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc.) but I haven’t picked a cover yet. So I’m putting several possibilities up for your feedback here!

    Poll is at the bottom now closed, but qualitative feedback is helpful, too!
    (and if you’re interested in being involved in the reveal of the final cover, an excerpts and release blitz, or reviewing the book on Amazon or Goodreads, please fill out: this signup form).

    Images under the cut:

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Ten Things I Learned at SFWA Nebulas Weekend

    by Cecilia Tan

    This past weekend was the SFWA annual gathering known as Nebulas Weekend, which is not only when the Nebula Awards are given out, but also a conference for professional science fiction writers. People tell me that in the past Nebulas Weekend was mostly a party/schmoozefest and not so much of a professional development seminar. That might explain why I never bothered to attend before. I go to plenty of schmoozefests at other cons and book industry functions where I can rub elbows with the elite writers and editors in science fiction/fantasy (viz: the SFWA suite at any Worldcon or World Fantasy, the SFWA annual “Mill & Swill” in NYC, ICFA, miscellaneous book launches and parties, various regional fan cons, et cetera). I didn’t need another one. But a pro development seminar for sf/f? Sign me up.

    Before this, there was no open attendance professional development seminar for sf/f writers. There are the application-only writers workshops like Clarion, Odyssey, and Viable Paradise. There are science courses like Launch Pad and the Schroedinger Sessions. But nowhere within sf/f except occasional tracks or workshops at cons to learn career skills, i.e. self-marketing techniques, social media management, website management, legal issues, and so on. I had been advising writers I know to attend their nearest regional romance writer conventions (even if they didn’t write romance) in order to get some of that.

    Thanks to the co-location of this year’s Nebs with BookExpo America, presentations at the conference included many by service providers of various companies in the publishing ecosystem, as well as the opportunity to sit down one-on-one to pick the brains of many presenters. (Schedule) Reps from Kobo, Draft2Digital, Patreon, Kickstarter, Amazon/KDP, Audible.com, and others were here, and also various members put themselves forth for brain-picking in the Ask an Expert area. So I picked some brains, went to some seminars, and here’s what I learned during Nebulas Weekend: (details below the cut)

    1. We Clean Up Pretty Good
    2. Kickstarters Should Be Pretty
    3. At Patreon a Little Means a Lot
    4. Dictate for Artistry
    5. The Myth of Self-Publishing
    6. White Knights and Online Harassment
    7. Think Globally
    8. You Can’t Be in Two Places at Once
    9. John Hodgman is Really Funny
    10. Not the Hugos or the Worldcon

    Read the rest of this entry »

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